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We too are Christian authors, songwriters, singers and musicians, and after realising that we had plenty of material in our journals and notebooks Power Community Church Inc. decided to launch Power Recording & Publishing as a vehicle to get our songs and publications out there for others to read, hear and sing.  Formed in 2015, initially we are here to offer a voice to those who write or birth songs but don't know how to get them heard.  
Are you the same?? We can help you in your song writing & recording journey. If you write but don't sing we can work with you as we have a great team of musicians and vocalists available. We have done all the hard work, securing partners who get the job done, while protecting you and your copyright. While initially focusing on music recording we are already developing our publishing services for authors of Christian books and resources.
Check out our website - and if we can assist you in your journey then feel free to touch base.

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